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Attention Producers: Reminder for the Last Date for Sale of Strychnine is March 4, 2022

The Pest Management Regulator Agency (PMRA) has deregistered Strychnine. Based on the date of the deregistration, the last date of sale of Strychnine is March 4, 2022. Sale of Strychnine after this date is prohibited by federal statute.


As well, the date of last use of Strychnine is March 4, 2023. Any remaining stocks of Strychnine should be used before that date; after this date, unused Strychnine will require disposal in an environmentally safe manner. For additional information on farm chemical disposal, please contact the Ag knowledge Centre at 1-866-457-2377.


The RM of North Qu’Appelle has a small supply of strychnine available to producers until March 4, 2022. Please contact the office if you wish to purchase.  Phone 306-332-5202, or email


Further information about the PMRA decision on the use of Strychnine for Richardson’s Ground Squirrels is available on the Government of Canada website:

Re-evaluation Decision RVD2020-06, Strychnine and Its Associated End-use Products (Richardson’s Ground Squirrels) –