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2022 Election Day is November 9, 2022

The following division elections are happening this year
  • Division 2 - Full Term (4 years)
  • Division 4 - Full Term (4 years)
  • Division 5 - By-election (2 years)
  • Division 6 - Full Term (4 years)

Thinking of Running for Municipal Office?

Nomination Day is Wednesday October 5, 2022 by 4 pm. Nomination packages are available at the RM office at 136 Company Ave. South, Fort Qu'Appelle, during regular business hours or the below link.
Check out these resources for more information on Running for Municipal Office


All voters must provide identification to be eligible to vote. A complete list of identification can be found here.
Would you like to vote by mail in ballot? Here is how:

Click here for the required forms to vote by mail in ballot

Application Process

3. A voter who desires to vote by mail shall apply for a mail-in ballot kit, by filling out:
a) a Voter’s Registration Form, Form R, Schedule A appended hereto and forming a part of this bylaw; and
b) the Declaration of Person Requesting a Mail-in Ballot, Form C, Schedule B, appended hereto and forming a part of this bylaw.

4. Schedule A and Schedule B may be witnessed by either:
a) the returning officer;
b) the deputy returning officer; OR
c) any other person authorized to sign oaths.

5. A voter who desires to vote by mail shall apply in person or electronically to the office of the Rural Municipality of North Qu’Appelle No. 187 no later than 21 days before election day.

6. Upon receiving the voter’s application, Schedule A and Schedule B, for a mail-in ballot, the returning officer shall note the date of approval in the appropriate area of Schedule A.


Click here for the full bylaw - Bylaw No 2020-09

Click here for the amendments