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Historic Walking Tour

With more than 150 years of settlement at Fort Qu’Appelle, numerous buildings and sites exist in the community. Rich in historic points of interest, whether you’ve lived here your entire life or are just visiting town for the first time, anyone should discover something about Fort Qu’Appelle they may not have know before.

Historic sites to visit in Fort Qu’Appelle

  1. Original Hudson’s Bay Company Trading post, now the Fort Qu’Appelle Museum. The original post was built by the HBC in 1864, establishing what is now Fort Qu’Appelle. In 1962, the old post was renovated and transformed into a museum. Located at Bay Avenue and 3rd Street.
  2. Treaty Park, located at Company Avenue and 5th Street. Prior to the monument that stands there today, used to be an old school ground. Also referred to as “Cannon Ball Park,” Treaty Park features a monument honouring the signing of Treaty 4. The monument was erected in 1915 by the Saskatchewan Western Arts Association, featuring the names of many of the signatories of the treaty.
  3. At the Echo Ridge Golf Course is a cairn erected in 1955 to mark the site where the Northern Mounted Police barracks once stood. In addition, an interpretive shelter was officially opened at eh same site in 1976. The site features tow large plaques detailing some of the history of tech NWMP.
  4. At the corner of Bay Avenue and 4th Street is St. John’s Anglican Church. Built in 1885, the church continues to host religious functions and has an adjoining dinning hall.
  5. In downtown Fort Qu’Appelle, it’s hard not to notice the Hudson’s Bay Company general store, with the date of 1897 listed on it. Located at the corner of Broadway Street and Company Avenue, the building was built by the HBC as it transitioned from the fur and trade business to one featuring general stores and real estate. Long since disused by the HBC, it has been called home to many businesses as an office space.
  6. On Segwun Avenue, between the RCMP detachment and the court house is a statue commissioned by the Touchwood file hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council. The statue marks a memorial for those believed to have died during the treaty negotiations between 1874 and 1890. The unmarked cemetery, behind the statue, was discovered by contractor who were digging the area to initially build an apartment complex. After the discovery, it was designated a protected site.
  7. Along Highway 10, by the Boundary Avenue turnoff, is the Tourist Booth/Visitor Centre. The former Grand Trunk Pacific Railway station resides alongside the rail system. The station solidified the town’s position as the pre-eminent distribution centre for the region. The station closed in 1962 and was converted into the current visitors centre.

Golf & Dine

Start at Echo Ridge Golf Course located in Fort Qu’Appelle Highway #56 and enjoy 9 holes of golf. For lunch you have a couple of great options, Eastwood Valley Service Club located in Lebret #5 Pl De L’Eglise Street for an unforgettable meal in quaint surroundings or The Beach Bar & Grill located in beautiful District of Katepwa. Information on these restaurants you can check out “where to eat” tab on this website! After your lunch you can enjoy your back 9 at Katepwa Beach Golf Club This picturesque 9 hole course is an enjoyable way to end your day!