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December 9, 2022 – In The Know Workshop

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Farmers are reported to experience mental illness at higher rates than the general population and rural residents who do not farm and are less likely than non-farmers to seek help for their mental health.
In The Know is a 5-hour training interactive session with slides, discussion, handouts, visual aids, and the use of scenarios. The use of pre and post surveys for the training allows the program to stay current and address any barriers users may experience before, during, and after training. Participants will be able to:
• Identify the signs and symptoms of those in distress
• Have the confidence to start a conversation about mental health
• Learn to support other farmers and yourself at this mental health literacy program for farmers and the agricultural community
The workshop is delivered by a facilitator and cofacilitator both with agricultural background so participants do not need to explain their specific challenges before asking questions and sharing experiences