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New Garbage Collection Policy

Garbage Collection Policy
Policy Number: EH2022-07
Subject: Garbage & Yard Debris
Motion: 22-505
Date: 27 September 2022
This policy is to provide the requirements of garbage collection services to RM residents
who are provided with residential garbage collection services.
1. Garbage must be kept in a covered, fly-proof and water-tight container(s) not over 32 gallons by volume.
• Any container that has partial water or full of water will not have garbage bags collected from that container.
2. Garbage containers must be no more than 4 meters from the road. Contractors are not responsible for garbage collection when containers are located up or down steep driveways or are in steep ditches along the road.
3. Make sure there are no safety hazards near or inside your bin, such as insect nests.