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Regina Sewer Bypass Event – July 19, 2022

The City of Regina notified affected municipalities of the below sewage discharge. For any questions or concerns please contact the City of Regina and/or the Ministry of Environment.

“On July 19 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, a combination of sewage and rainwater was discharged into Wascana Creek from one of the City’s lift stations due to a major rainstorm event where over 54 mm of rain fell. The Wastewater Treatment Plant did not bypass during the rainstorm event. Discharge volumes are still being estimated at this time.

As a result of the release the City is undertaking additional water quality testing to better understand any impacts on the waterway and neighbouring communities. The City expects the results of the sampling in the coming days and will provide you with the results when they become available if you request them.   

The City of Regina understands this can be a stressful time for downstream users, we appreciate your patience while we investigate this event.”